• I primarily respond to emails at

  • Occasionally I’ll post and respond to tweets on Twitter @AustinDizzy.

  • I respond to messages on Telegram at @abs079.

  • I contribute to the open source community on GitHub @AustinDizzy.

  • I also operate catch-all addresses at every domain I own which direct to my main email inbox.

  • Other publicly proven methods to contact me can be found listed on my Keybase @abs.

Payment & Donations

I support Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar, and Zcash. Some approved cryptocurrency addresses I can receive funds to are listed on my Keybase, and can be confirmed using an address-signed message on request.

I can also accept payments on Paypal/absec and Square Cash as $AustinDizzy.

If you’d like to donate to me, please do not. I have more money than I need, and already regularly donate a reasonable percentage of my yearly income.

Instead, please think about donating to these charitable efforts that mean a lot to me:

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